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Hotel single-use toiletries: reducing their use

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

You'll all be aware of the concern about single-use plastic items such as small toiletry bottles?

Enormous amounts of resources are used to produce them, transport them and ultimately dispose of them. They don't often get recycled as they are thrown into general bin bags and go straight to (without passing go or collecting $200) landfill.

We are trying to reduce our footprint as much as possible and this is an obvious area to tackle. We thought about leaving larger, refillable bottles of shampoo etc in the rooms for all guests to use however that isn't that attractive an idea in the light of Covid-19.

We've therefore decided that we won't place toiletries in our rooms to help reduce use of this type of item.

That said, it can be a bit annoying to rock up at a hotel, having travelled as lightly as you can, to find that you have no shampoo or shower gel. One thing being environmentally aware, quite another to face your co-workers the next day having had nothing but a quick rinse.

Instead we will hold toiletry bags containing solid soap, shampoo, shower gel and tissues for use by any guest who needs them, just ask on arrival. Please leave them in your room on departure and we will send all of the packaging for recycling. We'll wash and sanitise the bags so they can be re-used.

And yes, of course they are olive scented!

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