Graeme and Alison both grew up in the UK and moved to France nearly three years ago, settling into a quiet corner of the Deux Sèvres.  They love the peace and quiet of rural France but also benefit from easy access to nearby towns and villages where pretty much everything they need is available.  Having spent many years in rural Shropshire, they find a lot in common with rural Deux-Sèvres.

They have two Beagles (Harrie and Pickle) who seem to have adapted well to life in France. It's possible they are learning Canine French as they have lots of conversations through the fence with the neighbour's dogs.  They are extremely enthusiastic about human visitors althoughthey usually stay out of sight unless our guests really want to be covered in dog hair!

Alison speaks French fluently and a smattering of German and Dutch.  Graeme is working hard to learn French as soon as he can.

They have both spent many years working internationally and are used to checking in and out of hotels on a regular basis and so have very definite ideas on what makes for a happy stay:

  • the quality of the bed and linens (who wants to lie awake in a lumpy bed?)
  • an excellent breakfast and
  • a plentiful supply of plug and USB points in each room  (who now travels with only one electric device?)!

They work hard to maintain excellent standards in the above and many other important aspects.  Their efforts are rewarded by the wonderful comments that people leave in their reviews.

Life in around Louin is lively with lots to see and do: the food is amazing, the wine is great and the people are very welcoming.  What more could anyone need?

For both, running a bed and breakfast is all about welcoming into their home 'friends they haven't met yet'.